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Jonathan Ansar - Masihi Sandesh Christian Messages

Masihi Sandesh - Christian Messages

Archbishop Jonathan Ansar


Jonathan Ansar was born in an Orthodox Muslim family. In the year 1963, when he was studying to become a Doctor of Medicine, circumstances led him to leave his studies and join the Army, where he was commissioned as an officer in the Commando Force. In 1971 he was wounded while on the Front Line in the battle which resulted in his having to walk permanently with crutches. He was medically unfit to continue in the Military Service and was boarded out by request.

As a young child he was trained in Islamic Religious Education to be a ‘Haffiz’ , which means ‘the one who memorized the Koran from cover to cover.’ As he left the army and went back home in Rangoon (Burma), an influential Muslim youth Movement asked him to join them as General Secretary of their Organization. He accepted and therefore served as a Muslim youth leader in 1971.

He became bitter against Christians who were preaching the Gospel in Burma. As he wanted to prevent Muslims getting converted to the Christian fold, he published an article "Jesus Died in Kashmir", a two page pamphlet which states that Jesus was not crucified on the cross, but instead of him another person who looked like Jesus was crucified. The pamphlet states that Jesus came away from that place and died a natural death in Kashmir where his grave is still there till this day. As a former gang member Jonathan had learnt martial arts and reached five duns above black belt.

After publishing that very article, one night as he was writing letters regarding how to stop Christian preachers reaching Muslims, he suddenly experienced a startling vision and became stiff in his whole body. His eyes were covered with a thick darkness and he was not able to see anything for a long time. He was falling into a deep pit. As he was falling he called out the names of all the gods, prophets and religious teachers he knew, but he continued falling. Then a thought came into his mind to call the name of Jesus, the one whose people he persecuted. He never wanted to call the name of Jesus. But there was no other option left so he called out the name of Jesus and immediately he stopped falling and remained in mid-air.

Within that thick darkness he saw a small light coming out from a pinpoint area which soon occupied the whole space of darkness. The light was shinning with golden rays coming out from it. Then he noticed a small thing which seemed to be a shaded image of a cross which grew into a huge cross and blood started falling like waterfalls from it, slowly at first and then gradually dripping faster until it was like a waterfall. While watching the same vision, the cross came very close to him and passed through his body. He then heard a voice saying " I have chosen you to bear my name among all nations" When he regained his consciousness the next day, he realized that he had been admitted to a mental hospital by his parents where he spent 10 days. Although he had not lost his mind, his parents believed he had because he had changed as a result of the vision. For full story visit....

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