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Masihi Sandesh - Christian Messages

Masihi Sandesh is a Hindi word and it means Christian Messages. Here you will find huge selection of messages in Video and Audio form.

Messages You will find huge selection of good and inspiring messages and sermons in Masihi Sandesh site. This site will add video clips and messages of well known evanglists, preachers from around the world. The Sole purpose of this site is to collect the good messages and stories from around the world and put it under one roof where our readers could enjoy and benefit from these spiritual materials.

We will provide messages in various languages like English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu etc.

Life Stories You will find good, dynamic testimonies and life stories of people which will truly inspire and bring solace and comfrot in your life.

Bible Reading Masihi Sandesh site will include audio/video Bible portions for the benefit of our readers. The people who want to listen the word of God, this site will be very helpful for them.
Songs You will find several inspirational Christian songs in various languages here.
Movies We will add many inspiring and very good Christian movies related to 'Rapture' and other topics. Through watching these movies many have turned to Christ and found eternal life and salvation. It will help you to understand the second coming of Jesus through these movies and to prepare yourself for that day and hour when Christ will appear on the clouds to pick His bride.


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