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Life Stories (Testimonies)
1. Carol Kornacki's Story »»
Very facinating story of Carol whose life was a total mess. She was in drugs, whichcraft and she was dying with Hepatitis B. See how Jesus has changed her life and she got total deliverance from demons and her deadly sickness.
 Muslim woman comes to USA and has a vision of Jesus »»
Iranian woman's remarkable journey of finding truth. A facinating story.
3. Jonathan Ansar's remarkable Testimony »»
Former Muslim who was sucked into hell and as he was continuosly falling into that deep pit he called out the name of Jesus and immediately he stopped falling and remained in mid-air ....
4. Mossab Hassan's Story »»
Here is the remarkable story of the son of Hamas leader Mossab Hassan who found the truth i.e. Jesus Christ. When he found the truth he escaped from the camp leaving his family and loved once behind with this determination to NOT to kill and destroy others but to live a good life.

Nazeela Beevi's stunning story »» Dramatic and very stunning story of Nazeela Beevi who came from a Muslim background. She was searching for the true God and Jesus appears in her room. She accepts Jesus as her Lord and because of it she had to go through terrible torture and sufferings.
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